You have landed on the right page! This is the complementary ($100 value) PAA profile offered to readers of Beyond Office Politics. Here is some more information on this report:

  • Your Beyond Office Politics (BOP) report describes 6 patterns relating to Power, Affiliation and Achievement and is a free-standing specialized version of the Sommer Survey.
  • The full Sommer Survey report contains 44 more patterns that will give you detailed insight into your decision making strategy and your way of being successful in your job.
  • In addition to gaining insights for improving your job performance, the report’s suggestions will assist you in being more effective and efficient in your job.

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As a special offer to Beyond Office Politics readers, you may purchase the full report for the discounted price of  $249.00  (full price $349.00). This offer is good for 72 hours only (starting when you sign up for the complementary report).  For more information about the Sommer Survey go to

“The Sommer Survey is an amazing diagnostic tool. It captured who I am so well it was mind-boggling. Having my decision preferences and tendencies spelled out so clearly on paper is infinitely valuable to me. The survey makes me more confident and trusting in my obvious strengths, and uncovered many dormant strengths that can help me reach my goals more quickly and easily. The base report helped me look in the mirror and embrace my strengths, and also recognize my potential for growth. The comparison report helped me see the big picture in my business. Every detail about how my business currently runs is explained in the report. With the help of SommerYeager Consulting services, I now have a plan that will enable me to capitalize on our strengths, shore up our improvement opportunities, and eliminate blind spots.”
Dom DiJulia, One of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers in America”