Beyond Office Politics: The Hidden Story of Power, Affiliation & Achievement in the Workplace

Beyond Office Politics is a game-changer. This book will make visible to you something extremely important about yourself and others that has always been there—and once you see it, your career and your professional life—as well as your personal life—will make much more sense to you. This newly visible reality, together with what I am going to teach you about how to navigate it, will allow you to ask better questions, make more enlightened choices, and create much greater success for yourself.

You will find that doors to your success that once seemed inexplicably shut will now open. People that used to annoy or frustrate you will no longer have the same power over you that they once seemed to have—because you will now see what is going on and know how to respond constructively. Most importantly, you will feel and be much more in control of your professional success.

All this because you will hold the key to the #1 Blind Spot in the workplace: how people (including you) position themselves through Power, Affiliation & Achievement.